Raking Catchers, and Injuries–or as We Like to Call it, Wednesday

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Yesterday was a rough day for a few of the Kansas City Royals starters.

Following his start on Tuesday night Jason Vargas was rushed to the hospital for an emergency Appendectomy.   According to Ned Yost, “there were no complication, and everything went great.”  Which is good news.  There is currently no timetable for his return, but it is expect that Bruce “The Big Tipper” Chen will be starting in his place on Sunday.

Likewise Alex Gordon and Mike Moustakas were also scratched from the line-up due to ailments.  Gordon sprained his wrist during Tuesday’s game, and said it hurt to swing the bat.  He did however enter the game last night in the ninth for defense.  Gordon doesn’t think it is anything serious, but it may have implications on him playing in his second straight All-Star Game next Tuesday.

Lastly on the injury report, Mike Moustakas was sidelined with a case of the Flu (in July?) yesterday.  He seems to be available for tonight’s game however.

And all that being said, we still won!!!!!

How you may ask?  Some timely hitting, a short porch, and a patient eye from an otherwise impatient guy!

Salvy “El Perezidente” Perez tucked a ninth inning, three run shot into the odd left field corner at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL.  Thanks to whoever designed that 315 foot indent.   They claimed it was his shortest home run of his career by 17 feet.  I think I speak for us all when I say…We will take it!  Lost in the fun of the homer was Eric Hosmer taking his second late inning walk, and 3rd in two days.

So far this season the Royals have played 90 games.  Now it is no secret this team lacks the long ball: To the tune of 53 all season, which earns you DEAD LAST in the MLB.

The reason you may ask..?..try this on for size.  Royal first basemen, DH’s, and right fielders combine for 10 home runs.  TOTAL.  Our catchers have 12!

Let’s put this in a little perspective. Of the 7 Players that have 200 a.b.’s as a D.H. Only two have under 13 home runs.  They are Alberto Callaspo of the A’s, and Billy Butler.  And Butler has 2!  So let’s look at first baseman.  The premier power spot for position players.  Currently there are 24 players with 250 a.b.s at first;  of them only 6 have single digits in homers.  Eric Hosmer is only behind the shadow of a player that once was Joe Mauer.  It is worth noting that the Twins fans and team have seemed to have lost faith in Mauer, and he is now seeing his role diminish.  The Royals however refuse to drop Hosmer in the line-up, and instead promoted him to the third hole in the order… I realize a bit of this movement was due injuries, but it started Tuesday before the injuries occurred. While he has been on an upswing of late, his overall body of work is still disappointing to say to the least.

All said, if this team wants to be a legitimate contender instead of just a good team, they must address this issue.  Moving Billy down to 7th is a start, but more is needed.

All that said we are still 4 games over .500, and in second in the Central.  Things are looking a lot better than they were 5 years ago, but sunshine and rainbows are boring to write about!

Editors Note: The Sunshine and Rainbows article can be found in yesterdays portion of the website

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