Happy Birthday To Royals Blue Writer Zach Hodson

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As is tradition here at Royals Blue.  When one of our writers gets a year older, I like to tell a little story about them and the Royals!  As Zach and I owned Royals Season Tickets for a while together (with our other psuedo-friend Bryan Deleve) I have many stories to tell!

Some of the top things I thought about writing included our mission to gain popularity for Canada Day at the K!  With players like Aaron Guiel and Matt Stairs hailing from the North we felt compelled to celebrate all their culture and history.  Then we realized it was Canada and they really don’t have much of either of those two things…so that fizzled out.  Though we did paint a HUGE Canadian Flag on an old sheet!  (I hope that wasn’t Bryan’s sheet….gross).

I also thought I should write about our love for giving players nicknames.  The list may take to long to write on just one blog, but here are a few of my favorites: Carlos “You Know” Beltran, “It’s not a snack it’s Emil (Lime spelled backwards)” Brown, D’mitri “Da Meathook” Young, Matt “I can’t walk up a flight of” Stairs (Get that man a gravy shake and LaBatt’s Blue), and Benito “Old Beans”Santiago.

I even thought about writing about our undying love for the Royals promotions girl who would always tease us like she was going to pick us for the Hat Game, but never did…I to this day still think she was playing hard to get!

No, I think I will tell the story of the time Zach and I brought our friend Bobby to the game because Bryan was too busy playing with dolls or something.  This could have been the first “Royal Hot Dog Event” night had Slugggggggger taken better aim.

So Zach, Bryan and I all had season tickets in the HY-VEE level section 324 row C.  We sat in those exact seats approximately 3 times…..Opening day, One of the Cardinals Games, and on a Friday Buck Night.  Otherwise our actual seats were section 120, two rows above the walk way.  Because the ushers never cared if you stopped there…they only checked those greedy enough to try and get right on the field.  I am actually pretty sure that usher (who we affectionately referred to as the Seat Nazi) actually believed those were our season tickets as we were there so often.

But this was that one Buck Night.  So we were relegated to the upper deck.  If you have ever been to Kauffman Stadium in the last ten or so years you will know that in between one of the innings Sluggger will come out with this ridiculous CO2 powered hot dog cannon.  Well the crowd was frenzied for these squashed up nitrate bullets.  Since we had probably already eaten 15 wieners before this (it was a buck night after all) we could not be bothered with such a ridiculous event.  So we stayed seated while all the Johnson County mom’s and their 4 frosted tipped sons screamed around us.

As the crowd reached a fever pitch a strange silence hit right in front of us.  I saw the three people directly in front of Bobby duck, when thud….Bobby took a shot right to the chest.   A silver bullet.  But this man of steel stopped the foiled frankfurter directly in it’s path and it landed on his lap.  A coney’s length higher, and Bob may never had been able to see again.  And thus been the first “Royal Hot Dog Event.”   When he unwrapped the hot dog it looked more like the face of a pug.  So we split it three ways, and all had a handful of bread and boiled beef parts.

So to you Knight of the Numbers and Curator of the Canadians, I say Happy Birthday!


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