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The Royals must quit the baby food

The Royals must quit the baby food


The Royals are headed back to Kansas City with the St. Louis Cardinals following behind to finish out a home and home series in which so far the Royals have managed to get the better of. After winning an uncharacteristic slugfest by both teams on Tuesday in St. Louis, KC will look to finish off our in state rival at home.

Since Dale Sveum was named hitting coach, supplanting Pedro Grifol, the Royals have seemed to be scoring more runs, and especially in bunches. While it is still far too early to tab him as the savior of the season, Royals Review gives us an in depth look at the man…the legend.

While baseball fans in Missouri seem to be equally frustrated with their teams, one thing that is clear, both teams are happy with their catchers. Yadi Molina has long set the standard in baseball and remains the top of the bunch, but fast on his heels is a young Salvador Perez, doing his part in keeping all of the catcher Gold Glove hardware in the state of Missouri. Fox Sports breaks these two down, and talks about the inspiration Yadi gives for Salvy.

If you read my article on the Royals need for a leader in the clubhouse, give Sam Mellinger’s article on the need for this team to simply grow up a look. George Brett briefly took away the bottles and the Gerber, but its possible some on this team have gone back to sucking their thumbs.

And finally, the draft is upon us. This means a couple of things. First, the Royals are selecting lower than normal, this has proven to be a problem in the past. i70baseball takes a look at the possibilities for the Royals. Also, this will be the chance Kendrys Morales has been waiting for as he will shed his draft compensation and may look to finally land with a team. Yes…the Royals have been rumored to be on that list, though the logistics seem far too much to overcome even for those optimistic Morales could be had in KC.

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to check out the newly re-opened Royals Authority, head on over.

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