Royals Embarrased By Astros…. Again, losing 3-0

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Once again, the Royals called on Jeremy Guthrie to stop the bleeding, but it didn’t quite work out the way everyone would’ve hoped. The Royals again got embarrassed by the worst team in baseball.

Things were cruising right along for Guthrie until the 4th inning when a leadoff walk and an error on center fielder Lorenzo Cain cost the Royals their first run of the game. Things got a little dicey in the 6th when Guthrie loaded the bases with two outs. Guthrie got out of the inning with no damage done. Guthrie ended the day going 6 innings giving up 1 earned run.

Just like I predicted, the Royals would indeed make Charlie McHough look like Cy Young. All night the entire lineup looked at called strike 3’s. It was absolutely horrendous. Things looked like they were turning around in the fifth inning when Lorenzo Cain led off with a single. After an Escobar strike out, Jimmy Paredes also singled, putting two on with one out. Aaaaaand suddenly it’s gone. Yup. It was a typical Royals inning. This offense is so putrid that it makes me physically ill just to watch it.

After a lengthy long visit for Royals manager, Ned Yost, Kerwin Danley went out to speed up the process. It was about 0.4 seconds later that Ned Yost erupted. My guess would be about Danley’s inconsistent strike zone, but these days it doesn’t take much to get Nedly’s panties in a wad.

Such a shame that the Royals couldn’t get Guthrie the win. There is nothing to be said, and no excuses to be made for our beloved team’s lack of offense. It’s very hard for me to sit back and call it an offense. Our pathetic display of hitting has certainly not done us any favors this year, and we have now surpassed the 50 game mark. It is early, but it is now too late for everybody and their brother to use the excuse, “It’s early. We’ll pick it up. We’re still getting used to playing everyday.”

So many excuses have been made for this team, and it’s truly baffling how someone could sit there and say that because we’re better than we were around this time last year that we will be okay. How can you honestly say that, and not even be a single bit worried about the fact that we are getting our rear ends handed to us by the worst team in professional sports?

Soon, somebody has to own up, and admit that we are not contenders. We will not contend for anything as long as Dayton Moore is the General Manager of this ball club. When Dayton Moore first came to town, he said that it would be a 10-year process. We are now in year 8 of his so-called 10 year process, and are no closer to contending than we were 8 years ago. When do the Glass brothers finally say that enough is enough, and fire the most incompetent, miserable excuse for a general manager in Kansas City Royals history?


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Author: Sarah Davis

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  1. Avatar

    Great perspective. However,in my opinion, the Glass ownership is the problem. A professional sports team cannot be operated like Wal-Mart. The Royals will never contend under their ownership.

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    • Avatar

      Yes, Glass is a huge problem, but I still see Dayton Moore as the primary problem. During his 8 years as GM, he has yet to draft any young players that have actually shined at the Major League level. The ones he did draft, he traded away.

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  2. Avatar

    Great perspective. However, in my opinion, the Royals will never be in contention with the current ownership. It’s not possible to run a pro sports team under the Wal-Mart business model and succeed.

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  3. lukegoosen

    I personally agree, when a baseball team is nothing more than a monetary investment, Glass will never have the interests of winning at heart.

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