Play it Forward – Round 2

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Round one of the Royals Play-It-Forward contest, a voting competition where the fans pick the song to be played nightly at the K this year during the sixth inning via a March Madness style bracket, is in the books. Some tough choices were made between several strong contenders, and one truly awful abomination upon the human ear (which was quickly voted down. Thank whatever manner of God you believe in). Read about my take on the choices here:

Round two features some perennial heavy hitters of pop music, with various songs that have topped the Billboard charts over a span of 5 decades. Let’s see how the fine people of Kansas City did.

“Get Down Tonight” by KC & Sunshine Band vs “I Feel Fine” by the Beatles

Who I would pick: KC & Sunshine Band

Who actually won: The Beatles

Those of you that read my diatribe on ABBA in round 1 know that I really believe this contest is about what song will be the most fun for the melting pot of people in the stands. There is no question that the Beatles is a superior musical act. There is no question that “I Feel Fine” is a better song. However, as we will probably painfully be reminded over fifty times at the ballpark this year, the winning song will not be the “best” song amongst the thirty two originally selected.

“Get Down Tonight” is a really nice blend of sing along and dance. I have trouble believing that people can get down to “I Feel Fine” in the same way. Ain’t nobody gonna worm to the Beatles.

“I Got a Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas vs “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick

Who I would pick: Cheap Trick

Who actually won: Cheap Trick

What? No “My Humps”? Scandalous.

I don’t think either of these songs is long for the contest. Both are fine slices of pop music in their own right, but “I Got a Feeling” is purely just not old enough to make a dent against such a staple of “classic rock”. Yes, I just called Cheap Trick classic rock. If I offended your hipster genre sensibilities, you can send your hate mail to

Do this competition again in twenty years when there is no one left that only knows “Black Eyed Peas” as that weird home-cooking restaurant that used to be over by Bannister Mall, and I think “I Got a Feeling” wins hands down.

“I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor vs “Kansas City” by the Beatles

Who I would pick: The Beatles

Who actually won: The Beatles

The lads from Liverpool finally get their due. Though they didn’t write the song and flat out stole the medley idea from Little Richard (which I am not knocking, it is a lot more common in pop music than you might think), it is an iconic song for our city. Gloria Gaynor’s retributive harpoon at a lover who scorned her would have made an interesting dynamic and surely would have provided for some humorous anachronistic dance moves, but disco hasn’t made its comeback yet. Sadly, I say yet.

“Kansas City Here I Come” by Fats Domino vs “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi

Who I would pick: Bon Jovi

Who actually won: Bon Jovi

We’ve already given one Kansas City themed song its due. Sorry Fats, the people and I go with nostalgia instead. Bon Jovi’s biggest hit is primed to make a deep run here. It has as much sing along power as any song in this competition. It has plenty of opportunity for air guitar riffage. The soccer moms that bring their gaggles of kids to the game probably snicker to themselves as they think of the few “firsts” they had to this song.

Not to mention, the theme is really quite appropriate for our team. Aren’t we still “Livin’ on a Prayer” in our hope that Moustakas’s bat will finally come around? Our conviction that Hosmer will put all these flashes of brilliance together and become a bonafide star? Our optimism that Cain can avoid the DL for a season (which obviously won’t be this season)? Our belief that Yost can form some sense of reliability or consistency with his in-game managerial decisions? Our faith that at least one of the pitchers drafted in the Moore era can become an ace?

In those regards, let’s hope we are well past halfway there …

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Author: Zach Hodson

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